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Free School Meal Voucher Codes

At Coast Activity Programme we work with the Time2Move Programme:

The Time2Move Holiday Programme is open to ALL young people and is FREE for those aged 5* to 16 on benefits related Free School Meals.

Time2Move is part of the Government Holiday Provision.

This holiday provision is for school aged children from reception to year 11 (inclusive) who receive benefits-related free school meals.

Benefits-related free school meals (FSM) are available to pupils if their parents are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits, and have a claim verified by their school or local authority.

If your child/children are eligible then you will be able to access a voucher code. You can then use this voucher code when booking.

*If your child is in Reception and is still 4 years old, then they can still attend. However, they can only attend half days.

To book on

First you will need to join our community on Playwaze. You ca join as yourself to be able to access all of your child/children’s accounts.

Select the session that you would like to book.

Click Add a dependant and enter your child’s details.

If you don’t select add a dependant, this will add you on and will provide the incorrect details.

On the question *Are you eligible for Free School Meals?

Please select yes.

You will then need to copy and paste your code in*

*the code can be accessed from the link above.

Get with the programme, kids!

Book Now!

We manage all of our bookings through the Playwaze App.

To book your child into our sessions, you will need to create an account with Playwaze for yourself and your children).

Free spaces are available to those eligible for Free School Meals. To get your code please visit:

Note: Please ensure when booking on, you are booking your child on and not yourself. Please get in touch if you need any support with booking your child on.