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If you can not find an answer to your question here, drop us a message via the contact us page.

On the day

What does my child need to bring with them?

Your child needs to bring a water bottle and appropriate clothing for the weather. Sun cream for sunny days as well as a sun hat

What should my child wear?

Your child should wear trainers as we will be doing lots of sporting activities, they should also be in appropriate clothing for sports and running around.

What time is drop off? 

We have two drop off times, 9am and 10am. Please ensure we stick to these times to ensure the camps run smoothly. 

What time is collection?

We have two collection times 2pm and 4:30pm depending on if your child is booked for full or half days. 

I am unable to collect my child and I did not add the name of the person collecting on the form.

Please ensure you let the site member know in the morning, if you can, as well as ensure that the person collecting has the password. 

Will my child be provided with lunch?

All children receive a free hot lunch, the menu is sent out before the camp starts. There will always be an option for a jacket potato. These need to be ordered two days before.

What if my child does not like either option, can they bring a packed lunch? 

Your child is more than welcome to bring a packed lunch and snacks. All children are provided with fruit during the day. If you would like to discuss lunch options please email us. 

What happens if my child has an accident whilst at Coast? 

Bumps, scrapes, and falls are inevitable at times. There is always a trained first aider at each of our sites. Your child will be treated accordingly, and a bump form will be filled out and shared with you on collection. A parent/guardian will be contacted immediately if accidents/incidents are more serious.   

How do you group the children? Will my children be with their friends or siblings? 

We group the children based on their current Key Stage group. This can change based on the amount of children attending the camp. Typically the children are grouped Key Stage 1 (Reception – Y2), Key Stage 2 (y3 – Y6) and Key Stage 3 (Y7 – Y11). 

What if my child really wants to be with their sibling? 

We find children who stay with the same aged peers are more likely to engage, make friends and develop skills based on their abilities. We always suggest that children start off in their age group. If they are really struggling, then we will have a conversation to discuss options. In most cases the older sibling may have to move down an age group depending on ages and ratios. 

Will my child get to choose what activities they do? 

We strive for all the children to be engaged and having fun whilst at our camps. The children will have a choice at certain points of the day. When we have specific activities on, children stick with their Key Stage group and encouraged to join in. We strive for all the children to be engaged and having fun whilst at our camps. The children will have a choice at certain points of the day. When we have specific activities on, children stick with their Key Stage group and encouraged to join in. 

My child is attending on a swimming day and cannot swim, can they still attend? 

All children are taken swimming, the children are then split into ability groups. Those that cannot swim are provided with flotation support and have staff in the water to support them. 

About my child

What if my child has an allergy or dietary requirement? 

All allergies and dietary requirements that are put on the booking form are acknowledged and catered for when ordering the food. You do not need to do anything further.

What if my child has a medical condition, allergy, or Special Educational Need? 

We always strive to cater for all children and their needs. That is why we ask that you ensure you provide us with as much information as possible about any medical conditions, behaviour and learning needs and support your child may need whilst attending. This can be done via your child’s Playwaze account. The more information that is provided will enable us to implement the right support. 

When you submit your information via Playwaze, the Time2Move Project will contact you to discuss and to ensure the correct support is put in place. They have partnered with Parent Carers Cornwall to support children with SEND. A representative will speak to you directly about the needs of your child to ensure their needs are met when attending sessions.

Please call PCC on 07706 021016 or 07706 021018, or email

Please ensure you speak to PCC at least one week in advance of any planned sessions.

Whilst we do our best to ensure the support is put in place, this can sometimes take time. Therefore we ask to ensure all the relevant information is provided and your child is booked on no later than 2 weeks before the dates they are attending. At times the right support is not available at those days and times and we will have that conversation with you at the time to discuss options. All information remains confidential and is only shared with staff working at the camp.

What if my child needs the toilet? 

We use a buddy system for the children going to the toilet. All those in KS1 need a buddy as well as a coach. KS2 need a buddy and to tell a coach and KS3 need to tell a coach and can go on their own. This ensures staff know where children are at all times. If your child has additional needs please ensure this is put on their forms so that we can put any additional support in place.

My Child is 4 and in Reception Class, can they still come?

If your child is in Reception but not yet 5, then your child can come to the half days only.

Booking my child on

How do I book my child/children on? 

We use Playwaze as our booking system, this is through the Time2Move project. You can book with us via the Book Now tab on this website. This will take you to our Playwaze community. You will need to register each child as a member and ensure that you put down all their details as well as medical details and learning/behaviour needs down. The more information we have supports us in giving the best care for your child/children. 

You can then book onto the days/venues that you want.

To book them on for the full day, please select the date you want and once you have selected the dates on the booking page you can then add on for full days.

Why do I need to create a password? 

Your password is used on collection of your child. It is to ensure your child is going home with a trusted person. Please only share the password with those who will be collecting your child. If you have forgotten your password you can ask what it is at drop off. 

How do I get the 4 day discount? 

Once you have selected a date and clicked book, you can then select the other dates you wish to attend. The discount will automatically be applied. 

My child is eligible for Free school meals, are they eligible for a free place? 

All children that are eligible for benefit related free school meals get free places for our half days. 

How do I access my free voucher code for FSM children?

You can access your code via: Please email if you are unable to access your code.

My child is eligible for a FSM place but the booking app is trying to charge me. 

If you are being asked for your card details, do not enter them. Please contact the booking site or us at and we can look into the problem for you. 

Do you accept Childcare vouchers? 

Yes, we are pleased to say that we can now accept childcare vouchers. We are on the Voluntary Ofsted Register and can now accept vouchers.

I am unable to book through the booking app, is there another way to book? 

We use Playwaze as our booking system, this is through the Time2Move project. If you are unable to book please visit the help page of Playwaze. Otherwise please email us or give us a call. 

The activity is fully booked, do you have a waiting list? 

We do have waiting lists and if a space becomes available, all those on the waiting list are notified. We are unable to add people to the waiting list. This can be done on the activity and you can select interested/ waiting list. If you are having problems with this you can email playwaze at

My child is unable to come can I get a refund? 

Please see our booking and cancellation policy in regards to a refund or changing your booking. 

About Coast Activity Programme

Are you insured? 

Yes we have Public and Employer’s Liability insurance

What are your policies? 

All of our policies can be found on our Parent info page

What are your adult: child ratios? 

For our children 5 and under and where possible all KS1 children we try to stick to 1:8. For KS2 1:16 and KS3 1:25

Are your staff DBS checked? 

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children. All our staff have DBS enhanced checks before starting work for us. We also follow safer recruitment and all of our staff are Safeguarding trained.